How to connect SSH using Putty on Windows

The following article explains how to connect to your Linux Server on Windows using SSH. The SSH client I recommend is called Putty. SSH is used to connect to your Linux account directly in order to set permissions, copy files, make directories or perform other functions from a command line.

To download and install putty, please follow these steps:

==> Browse the following URL:
==> Scroll down the page and find the latest version of Putty which relates to your operating system
==> Click on the appropriate putty.exe file to download 
==> Select a folder on your local machine to download it
==> Click on Save
==> After open the folder where it saves the file

==> Double click on the putty.exe to launch the program

==> Enter the IP address of your server in the Host Name field
==> Select the SSH radio button
==> Enter a name for the session in the Saved Sessions field
==> Click on Save to store this information for future use
==> Click on Open
==> Once the session opens you will be prompted to enter your username and password. You need to login as a “root” user to manage your hosting server.


August 5th, 2015 by